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      The Republic of Khakasia is famous for its picturesque landscape. Not wothout reason, the leader of proleterians, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin during his exile in these places compared it with Switzerland. For some reason it is accepted to compare all beautiful lands with this small country. But the republic of Khakasia in this case exceeds all comparisons. It is notable not only for its wonderful places but this land has a surprising power. Someone who once was in this land can't keep from temptation not to visit it again. Nature power of Khakasia doesn't let to forget about this beautiful corner of the country.People living here are distinguished from the other for its peculiar hospitality and what is in the memory for a long time, and in every case hosts are able to compare their hospitality with the other people, inhabiting the Earth.
      Wonderful power of the nature of Khakas land improves mans health. How it is made will be said further. It is necessary to note that Khakas people use national methods of treatment from old days. Now it is cold untraditional methods of treatment. Today, when doctors say that the health of the whole humanity is sick medicinal methods of Khakas nation can move it from the dead point and improve this position, they can treat the health of individual man and nation on the whole. Today we always look at the weat and try to buy their modern medical equipment not paying attention how mach they cost. But at the same time the financial position of Russia and Khakas republic can't be considered as positive. In this case medicinal methods of Khakas people are very suitable. Much expenditure is not required here in order to make diagnostics. Modern medicinal equipment make only simple diagnostics. As we know diagnostics is one thing and treatment is quite different. Some Khakas man so to say folks-doctors, treat with the help of herds, they have unnatural power and it is their challenge to treat sick people. They help for men to inflame their dying vital pieces of coal, hopes etc without a match. They can revive dying cells without surgical knife and drugs which filled our pharmacies and shops. The only instrument of treating are medical herbs and their roots and of course power of nature. Methods of treatment with the use of medicinal herbs and their roots, gathered in definite places so called positive and sacred are very effective. The secret of gathering these herbs and their roots and time of their taking are given from generation to generation. These doctors didn't exceed and don't exceed their possibilities never and they don't forget the percepts of their ancestors. This is the main in their not simple but important business.
      Gathering if herbs goes in definite order. Before gathering the definite ritual is hold, i.e. doctor asks for permission from his ancestors to take some medicinal herbs. That's why he gives definite paying for Motherland for its possibilities for all herbs that he used the whole year. This is very important and necessary for a doctor to treat people. They will have difficulties if they don't respect motherland or if they don't ask for permission and blessing.

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